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" The obsession " commenced in March 2010, the month I joined WR and after that, the weeds grew with great gusto throughout the home garden and daily dusting and two walks a day for the dog, flew right out of the window!!!

I have made entries on the site at the hours of 0100 hrs, 0600 hrs, 1800 hrs and 2330 hrs - 'cause I just wanted to look at one more WR Member's comment re her overall Service, Course photos or reminiscences. I have mumbled when the 'phone rang whilst I am in the middle of looking at photos uploaded by my former room-mate of 48 years ago, or when I read that a WRAAC who had been on my Clerical Course, now lived only 2km away.  Then of course there are the "awful" times when I am having a good belly laugh at some of the photos of a group in PT uniform, giggle hats or other candid shots..........and someone actually has the hide to come and visit me!

What else can you do after all the above comments but.........join, join, join WR!  Please don't deny yourself the experience.



Cherryl McNamara-Mossman


This WRAAC Reunited site means a great deal to me. It gives me an interest that I enjoy;  it gives me information;  it gives me friendship;  and it puts me in a comfort zone of familiarity where I feel that I belong, while sharing a common bond with other members.

When I heard about the site from a friend and joined last year, I found old mates from my service days and I quickly made new friends.  Had I not joined WR, I wouldn't have known about the 60th reunion and I would have missed out on one of the most rewarding and enjoyable weekends of my life.

I enjoy being part of this site, as it enriches my life.

Marie Boughton (nee Taylor)

Tremendous Value

WR is a great reunion & social site for ex servicewomen.

I have reconnected with old friends that I had served with and it is great to catch up with them & their life experiences after 40 plus years.
WR also kept me in the loop during the recent 60th Anniversary Reunion happenings as well as suggesting suitable accommodation and providing transport to & from all the reunion venues.
WR ‘long may you reign’.
Jenny Robertson nee McLay

WRAAC Family Reunions

For a long time now, I have been wondering what ever happened to the women I used to work with, live with, and socialise with..way back when...

One day I discovered the internet and started an internet group simply called WRAAC and RAANC. Then a couple of years ago someone mentioned to me about "The WRAAC site".

I cannot tell you how it made me feel to see that badge as the first impression of WRAAC Reunited.org. It hit me…OMG!! its our badge!!! Looking so glorious with the green background!

WRAAC Reunited is such a beautifully well planned site for our Corps. It has the privacy we need to allow for the friendships renewed and many new ones to be made and to share the laughs and our photos. It is also a place to remember those who are no longer with us.

Thank you WRAAC Reunited for giving us all this opportunity!

Pauline van Buren nee Staff

Why Not Join Us?

This a great place to celebrate our service and find old friends.

If you are an ex servicewoman of the ADF, why not think about joining us here. Many of us have found old friends and made new ones. Our goal is to find as many of our old mates as possible and share that esprit de corps so well known to us all. 



Well done to those involved in the development and maintenance of our very own Facebook.

The WRAAC Reunited website provides former members with a unique opportunity to renew old friendships.  It provides a wonderful conduit for communicating and is an ideal way to undertake networking on a proffessional and social basis in a secure environment.
After so many shared experiences, it provides a medium in our all too often busy world, to keep in touch with the most important people of all - friends.
Cheryl Williams

Found old friends

I've found lots of my old friends from WRAAC days on WRAAC Reunited. It's an exciting site to be part of and I highly recommend it.

I've also made a lot of new friends here because of shared experiences and postings. The photos and information bring back great memories. There's so many opportunities to keep up to date with current events in the service world and also to record our history as a Corps that was unique.

Kay Derome (nee Owen)