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Membership Fees

WRAAC Reunited strives to provide its members with the best service it possibly can. We are not a site developed to attract mass public subscriptions which allows for either very low fees or no fees with the ability to recover costs through the levying of advertising charges. As with many associations and clubs, our market is small and this impacts on the ability to ensure a sound financial base to continue, improve and maintain services. 

WRAAC Reunited is a privately funded site. Membership Fees are its only income stream.

Our Mini Money Annual Membersip Plan 

At WR we try to keep the costs to members as low as possible. The Mini Money Annual Membership plan will cost a member just under 7c per day. 

Plan fees are in Australian Dollars and are non refundable if membership ceases for any reason.


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So How Do You Pay For Your Membership?

It's easy. You can pay on line using your credit card or PayPal account or you can make an Offline Payment.


Paying on line using your credit card or PayPal account allows you to pay for your membership and access the site as soon as your transaction is processed. To make your membership subscription online click "Create an account" in the Sign In box on the Home page. Be sure to click the PayPal button to enable PayPal to process your transaction. You will be taken through the registration and payment process. All payments are processed through the secure PayPal facility. You do not need a PayPal account to pay online through PayPal if you have a credit card.

Once you have finished your payment transaction your registration will be complete you will be able to log in to WR.


 If you are unable to pay online through PayPal that is not a problem. WRAAC Reunited allows its registrants to make payment by direct bank deposit/transfer at your banik. To commence your registration click "Create an account" in the Sign In box on the front page of the site and be sure to click "Offline Payment". You will then be taken through the registration steps. You will also receive an email advising on how to make your payment. Once your payment is received and cleared we will contact you about your log on details. While OffLine Payments will take a little longer, we will get you online as soon as we can.

Please note, WRAAC Reunited no longer accepts postal payments.

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