The WRAAC Reunited Shield



The WRAAC Reunited Shield symbolises the strength of women and their ongoing participation in the Defence Forces of Australia.

The shield is built depicting two lozenges. The lozenge has, for many centuries, been the heraldic symbol of women. The base lozenge is presented in gold, being one of the most precious and enduring metals on earth. The gold lozenge signifies the enduring value of women. The upper lozenge is burnished pitted silver and is that of a slightly convex shield, symbolising the role of women in guarding Australia. Both lozenges are skewed to one another, revealing each in their place as they build one upon the other, to synthesise in strength and depth.  

The WRAAC Corps badge is stamped into the shield, making a further remark regarding the fixed imprint women have had in the defence of Australia.

The words WRAAC Reunited makes the final layer of the shield. The R in the word reunited, links with the W in WRAAC, which speaks of the bringing together of members of the Corps.