May 20

NASW logo_squar_for_NL


The NASW (Network of Australian Servicewomen) logo consists of a shield , a representation of the tri service badge and a globe signifying the earth.

The shield is made up of two lozenges. The lozenge has, for many centuries, been the heraldic symbol of women. Both lozenges are skewed to one another, revealing each in their place as they build one upon the other, synthesising in strength and depth. 

The base lozenge is presented in gold. As one of the most precious and enduring metals on earth, the gold lozenge signifies the perpetual value of women in society. The upper lozenge is burnished pitted silver and is that of a slightly convex shield, describing the role of women in guarding Australia.

The globe sits behind the shield. Across the face of the globe are embosed dimensional energy marks symbolising the energy of our servicewomen. These marks coelesce to form a bridge around the globe representing our women's ADF service world wide.

The globe colours are hues in combination and positioned to reflect the sea, land and air as associated with the three Arms of the ADF. The three Arms are depicted by the anchor, crossed swords and the Wedgetail Eagle, all of which have long been affiliated with the RAN, Army and RAAF respectively. The three are surmounted by the seven pointed Commonwealth Star.

Unlike the tri service badge, the Wedgetail Eagle is not depicted in flight. The eagle is presented with outstretched wings in a landing posture to emphasise the women of the three Arms as they join in community.

The letters, NASW, are forged into the shield making a further remark regarding the imprint women have had in the defence of Australia.