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About Us

WRAAC Reunited aims to provide a discrete on line community hub for Australia's servicewomen both currently serving and retired. The site was developed acknowledging the need for a private venue in which members could have their own on line community space.


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RAANC women who underwent their training at WRAAC School, shared barracks and messes are also welcome to join. Please click the picture below to be taken to the membership information page.


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 Australian Services Community Online

Australian Services Community On Line provides WRAAC Reunited for servicewomen, serving and retired, of the three Arms of the ADF. This is a private site and is not open to the general public. If you are a servicewomen of the ADF, active or retired,  please consider joining us. Click the ASCO logo below to register.


WRAAC Reunited acknowledges the co-operation and efforts to the following for their assistance in bringing the site to life. Many thanks to the Australian War Memorial for their kind assistance in providing photographs. Thankyou also to staff of the Office of the Chief of Army for their permission to use the WRAAC and RAANC emblems. Our sincerest appreciation to Terceiro Legal Consulting for their advice and untiring guidance. A really big thankyou to the dedication and hard work of Renegade Empire without whom this site could not have been produced. WRAAC Reunited also thanks Uservoice for their generosity in providing Support and Self Help facilities. Last but not least thankyou to those ex WRAAC who tested the site and provided feedback, support and encouragement.


WRAAC Reunited is a privately funded website and does not form any part of the Australian Department of Defence. Content in this website has been obtained from its members and their associates.